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Tiger Gold

Tiger and Idiom below that reads – Let him who tied the bell on the Tiger take if off. Meaning translates to: Who ever started the conflict should end it.

Printed on a fitted unisex 100 % Cotton Honey colored T-shirt

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Fight For What You Love

Sometimes, you have to Fight for What you love.

This shirt has an image of Cupid straddling and wrestling a Lion.

Printed on 100% Cotton available in ladies and men fits.

Only $23.00 I Love It

Don’t Give Up The Ship

“Don’t give up the ship” are the direct quotes and rally cry of the dying commander of the USS Chesapeake James Lawrence in 1813 when engaged in a mortal battle against a blockading navy frigate. Below the anchor are his initials J.L.

Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes S to XXL.

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Tiger Gold Fight For What You Love Don’t Give Up The Ship

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