• Pop Piano

    This course you will learn how to play a number of pop hits on the piano. And…

  • Intro to Photoshop

    Learn design techniques from a master in the craft.

  • Diving into CSS

    Following our Beginner HTML course, Diving into CSS will teach you all about cascading style sheets.

  • Beginner HTML

    Learn the basics of a website. In this course we’ll build a basic website with the foundation of the internet; HTML.

  • Comic Book Basics

    In this course we’ll go over the basics of creating a comic book. From script, to pencils and inks, lettering, design, and production.

  • Introduction to Piano

    From classical Beethoven to the classics of Queen, learn the basics of playing the piano in this 5 lesson course.

  • Guitar 101

    Learn the basics of guitar. We’ll cover basic chords, strumming patterns, tuning your guitar, and more. Bring your own electric or acoustic!